Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Lover - lolita cosplay

This is Rozen Maiden Reiner Rubin Lolita dress is very popular concepts: lolita cosplay.

Not to be confused with the sexy star, Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita is a fashion culture that pretends to be more "cute" or "fair" compared with "sexy." The fashion itself has no clear origins, but is speculated to have begun in the 1970s, when popular Japanese brands such as Casa Rosada, milk, and Angelic Pretty started out with clothes that are very similar to Lolita.
When the bands that don clothes began dating Lolita, Lolita fashion began to gain popularity in the 1990s. Like these famous brands, Eva Mao, Lolita Lempicka, and Kenzo, all add their design Lolita style clothing and belief.

Although most appear in cosplays use Lolita, the Lolita culture fans do not like the idea that being called a "suit." While Lolita cosplay features sweet, sexy, noble, and is different from the gothic cosplay comes with death, the mystery and terror.

Since the fashion pieces, however, require very sophisticated materials and often come in more than one set of one piece, Lolita dresses are very expensive. This is why most of the cosplayers Lolita choose to create their own clothes.

While Lolita cosplay if some want to get a cheap suit Lolita, then order online is great for the money saved. China has lots of clothes number of store huge inventory Lolita cosplay costume and imitation can be sold at lower prices.

Lolita fans of the competition which is a big difference between someone who dresses like a Lolita in almost on a regular basis compared to someone who does it for cosplay. From Lolita culture is generally associated with the Victorian and Rococo periods, Lolita Lolita fans argue that clothing should be of the same materials as the elegance and beauty.

Lolita cosplayers, however, put Lolita outfits that are - without doubt - more raw. Cosplay Lolita is associated with clothes that are put together casually and is characterized by many rough lace and satin. Lolita cosplay costumes also prefer to be a bit too short, with more skin showing is necessary. Have a great anime like nurses or maids. That is, like most defenders of Lolita to point out, quite the contrary to the concept of Lolita which mostly aims to 'mono' and sensuality.

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