Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to wear new cocktail dress in this year?

All the ladies love beauty. Do you know how to wear the most fashionable items in the 2010 Fall Winter Fashion Show? Here are some tips for you:

1. Slim suit matching with wide-leg pants

Generally speaking, wide-leg pants get on well with shirts and tights. The common feature among shirts, tights and slim suits is: they all can flatter you figure very well. You’d better unfasten your suit button to create a loose feel, which is full of rhythm, from top to toe.

2. Knitted pullover matching with a belt

Knitted pullover matching with a belt is very popular this season. Unlike last season, hourglass outline is no longer the key or aim of a waistband. As shown in the above picture, the heavy knitted pullover is going with the abstract printed pants, and belt is just a decoration.

3. Wasp waist coat matching with knee-length umbrella skirt

It is not necessary for you to rely on long skirts to shape a slender outline. Knee-length umbrella skirt is a special case this season.

Knee-length skirt has rich pleats and strong expansion feel. Besides, its knee length can make young girls own mature temperament easily.

4. Mini dress matching with pencil pants

Mini dress matching with pencil pants is a godsend to women who are tall and thin, but a nightmare to women who are short and corpulent.

5. Cloak matching with cocktail dress

With a cloak, you will look stylish while enjoying the fun of liberation of your hands. And cocktail dress is the best choice for your party dress.

6. Leather matching with fur

Leather and fur are all popular in this season. The mix of the two can make the momentum look stronger. With such a combination, you will look free and modern.

7. Socks worn over shoes

Just the way you wear sunglasses in a bar, having your socks worn over shoes is just a way to wear as you wish. In this way, you will look nifty.

8. Sweater matching with prom dress

Sweater matching with prom dress is using plain things to set against luxurious things. The sweater should be common needle style, while the prom dress should underline slender outlines and use luminous materials (such as spangle).

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