Wednesday, August 4, 2010

how to choose my wedding dress

All girls on their own weddings want to make the most perfect impression on everyone. However, not everyone owns a figure as standard as a model. I’m petite, how do I choose my wedding dress?
Well, if you are petite, to be the female lead on your wedding, you can do as follows:
1.Choose a natural/high waist wedding dress, which is made of white gauze, decorated with pleats on the waist; or you can choose a wedding dress with v waistline and slightly low waist design. Any of the above two choices will make your stature look taller.
2.For your upper part, you can choose an a-line wedding dress which can tighten your bust, in this way, you will look fresh and elegant; or you can choose a wedding dress with gorgeous changeable design.
3.Wide neck wedding dresses is more suitable than round neck wedding dresses.
4. Avoid wearing a wedding dress which is too long or the flare of it is too fluffy. Otherwise, you may make a top-heavy impression on others.
5. If you would like to choose a wedding dress with sleeves, then you should avoid exaggerated sleeve design, such as puff sleeves or frill sleeves. You can choose small short sleeves.
With the above tips, I am sure that you know how to choose your wedding dress now.

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