Sunday, March 29, 2009

i love british weather today.

wow. todays been gorgeous. not a cloud insight, and i'm really happy today, for like no reason whatsoever! :]
i love sundays.
church and really relaxed afternoons listening to radio1 and completing coursework and homework.
though macbeth courseworks really not good :(
and my cameras like half broken so the picture todays from my phone :]
don't you really love it when someone realises what you do for them?
a friend today, who i hadn't spoken to in a while.
we were having a normal conversation and i said i'd buy her a chocolate bar, coz shes been going through a bad time recently. and she was so happy, for me always being there for her and her not realising. and she said she loved me, and apologises for anything mean shes ever said to me! :)
and thats made my day :)
i had a nice afternoon yesterday, but yesterday evening not so good. but after today i think things are looking up :)

pearl necklace i customised - claires, bracelets - primark, cardigan - mums, white vest top - topshop, plus black skirt - jennyfer ( french shop ) and tan tights (sainsburys).

i actually got these tights for free, 15 pairs haha, they gave thousands of them to church, instead of throwing them on a landfill site, so i am gonna give my friends some packets to make their days in the morning :)

hope you've all had a great weekend :)
much loveee,
becca xx

p.s thankyou for the 11 comments i got a few posts ago. lets try and beat that! x

Friday, March 27, 2009

pillow fight please?!

this picture really makes me want to have a pillow fight.
and i'd love to have one with the gossip girl cast! :)

have a great weekend everyone,
becca xx

Monday, March 23, 2009

new blog name, FASHION-TRAIN. (L)

fashion-train is the new name, its quite late in england right now, so the main image shall change tommorrow, but fashionista-geeekly. was a very long name for a blog, and change is good. what are your thoughts on my sudden decision?

much lovee,
becca xxxx

we can pray for sunny weather, but please don't stop the rain.
- james morrison - please don't stop the rain (L)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

saturdays + coursework, great.

i want to loose weight. just a bit, so i won't be a size 8 - 10. i'll just be a size 8.
all my friends are like size 6, so if i'm just a perfect size 8, i'll be happy. but i suppose i'm like 5ft 8 so i might be in proportion?!
hope everyones having a fab weekend.
i'm stuck on a saturday doing coursework?! blah blah to macbeth, the only interesting coursework i'm doing at the moment is art coursework, i actually quite like the topic at the moment, landscapes. ( i can include a lot of my own photography! )
gossip girl repeats on in 15 mins, so i shall have to go, once i've finished this post.
firstly, i'd like to thank everyone who keeps commenting on my posts. i love you guys!
and i have 10 followers of my blog, love you guys too!
also PLEASE follow my blog with blog lovin' i only have 1 follower! :(
i've decided to ask my friends who go abroad to lovely countries, to get my the vogues out there, so hopefully i shall have german vogue, indian vogue and austrailian vogue! :]
because quite frankly, i don't like british vogue. so issues are good. but out of 12 issues i've bought, i've only really enjoyed one issue. march 2009s. that was worth the price tag.
i've also decided to pay more attention to magazine editorials right now i think so are just amazing! :]
i'm a subscriber to elle magazine. oh how i love it. i run home everyday for the first 4-5 days of the month with excitement hoping elle would be there, i especially love the subscribers covers! :]

i loved courtney loves january elle editorial.
how it was all black and white, and quite sharp and stood out.

hope your all having a fab weekend!

much loveee,

Friday, March 20, 2009

nothing feels right when i'm not with you.

sick of this dress.

and these jimmy choos.

song- shontelle - t-shirt
^ love that song.

have a nice weekend everyone! xx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the ramblings of a fashion geek.

wow guys,
i'm really happy.
i got 10 commments on my last post!
the most i've had before is 6. i really love to get 20 comments!
i'm ill. yes i'm ill. went to a birthday meal yesterday and i think i might of got food poisoning :(
here are so inspirational lookbook photos. i received in an email yesterday!

what do you all think of these photos?

much loveeeee.
beccaaaa xxxx

Monday, March 16, 2009

YAY. sunshine!

wow today was unusual.
it was sunny. very sunny. IN MARCH IN ENGLAND?
weird or what, i woke up expecting rain.
today i wore my scarf seen in picture below to school i think its great :)
some people noticed and liked it, some people thought i'd bought it. some people looked and said it look awful. i personally love it what do you all think?
i made it myself on my beautiful sewing machineeeee :]

cardigan: mums, scarf + skirt: made by mee, tights: primark, vest top: warehouse, bracelets: primark.

much lovee,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

this weekends outfits (L).

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^ please follow my blog! :)

cardigan: mums, white vest top: warehouse, added lace: mine! :), skirt: pimkie ( shop in francais), purple tights: primark.

big blue cardigan: mums, scarf: free from instyle ages ago, bracelets: primark, tights: primark, laced skirt: made by me!, white top: warehouse.

what do you all think about my outfit choices?
on trend?

becca xo'

Saturday, March 14, 2009

shop shop shop, till you drop.

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^ please follow my blog! :)

i love shopping, but doesn't everyone?!
i was well happy when i found a vintage magazine stall in the market place, selling back issues of magazines i normally buy for £4, but selling them for £1 :O
they had run out of elle + vogue, but i bought harper's bazaar and instyle :)
its great what you can find looking for sewing thread :)
anyways. in i.t yesterday, yes i still do i.t even though i didn't take it as a gcse option :(. i was on looking at the yves saint laurent fall 09 collection everyone should look its divineee! :)

what does everyone think of this dress, i've fallen in love with it its gorgeous! :)

much lovee,
becca xo'

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm in love, with this dress.

this dress is from balmains, fall 2009 collection.
and i love it a lot, its gorgeous!
the colours and design!

what do you guys think?

much loveee,
becca xo'

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

you don't have to walk away, the story will change.

lyrics from the song i'm listening to right now, bobby valentino - turn the page.
he's a great r&b singer, love hiiiimmm :)
anyways i have some more photos to uploadd :)

blue cardigan - mums, 80's top - jennyfer ( in france ), red footless tights - river island, shorts - next, black patent heels - miss selfridge.

white vest top - warehouse, black skinnys - jennyfer, lace added by me on my sewing machineee!, heels - miss selfridge.

earlier i was kinda shocked when i realised how many magazine i havee so i thought i'd take a picture and show you! :)

this stack includes over 100 magazines. from
a years worth of vogue, about 9 issues of elle, 8 of glamour, 1 nylon, 1 pop, 1 dazed & confused, about 12 issues of bliss + sugar, 4 harpers bazaar, french vogue, l'officiel, instyle, a lot of issues of look,grazia and company, teen vogue, american vogue, tatler, heat, marie claire and distill. the only fashion magazine i've never read is i-d is it any good?

much loveee,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the waistcoat i made.

wow, i made this waistcoat in textiles, i love it, i decided not to put buttons on it and use ribbon instead, so it ties up a bit like a corset. which i love, its not been marked yet. it needs to be handed in on tuesday, along with my folder work. i would show you pictures of that, but that would take forever. maybs one post i will. but at the moment i shall keep you guessing what my textiles folder work is like.
in tuesdays textiles lesson, miss got everybody round the table and said 'becky, can i have your folder please?' and i was like yeaahh suree. and miss started to show everyone in my class, my folder. and was saying how inspirational my folder work was, and the way i made my designs and other parts of folder work unique, and how the class should be inspired by me, and i was thinking wooooow!
but fridays lesson i walked into textiles and it was like seeing replicas of my folder dotted around the room. does anybody have there own style in my textiles class?
sometimes i do wonder...

anyways, what are all your thoughts on the first garment i've ever made?

much loveee,
becca xo;

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

notelets of a fashion geeeeeeek.

exams are over, THE MODULES ARE OVER! :) i'm so very happy right now :)
its great not being stressed it really is :)
heres a few inspirational photos :)

i love this last picture, i don't know why though (:

what do you all think about the photos?

muchhh loveee,

becca xx