Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to make the perfect Naruto cosplay

Naruto Uzumaki is my favor cosplay character from a popular anime serious Naruto. In the anime, as a ninja, he comes from Konohagakure

People don’t admire him so well; in fact, all his neighbors ignore him because they thought he has a demon in his body. He does everything to be the village chief (Hokage) to get the other villages’ appreciation. To be able to have the cosplay of him is very easy. The costume won’t need any hard stitching or embellishing.

While Naruto Uzumaki still is warmly welcomed by most anime fans also cosplay fans. Furthermore Naruto Uzumaki cosplayers sit in the first place. Even some girls want to play the Naruto Uzumaki cosplay and their Naruto cosplay costumes varies a lot, which even won’t affect the looking and feeling.

Naruto cosplay has orange pants and a jacket that is orange and blue colored. For first trials, an orange jumpsuit may be worn. But if you don’t have a jumpsuit, then orange pants and a jacket that is either blue or orange can be zipped on. The pants must be just over the sandals. You can adjust the length of your pants by cutting the bottom part of it. Naruto has a white cloth wrapped on the right leg and thigh. White Ace bandages may be put at it for a Naruto cosplay costume.

Actually, except for the Naruto cosplay costumes, the fighting skills should taken into to create a complete performance of Naruto cosplay perfectly.

Naruto cosplay needs a unique sandal. You could cut the toe part of your old boots to make something like his then wear it without anything in your foot. This is the exact way Naruto wears them. Look at the list of Naruto characters.

Make-up plays an important role in cosplay also Naruto cosplay . There are some tips you should pay attention to: with the head, the face must be highlighted by black eyeliner. The eyeliner will be used by the three lines that Naruto face have in the cheeks. The line can be in different angles because it changes in the cartoon with narrator’s many expressions.

With the headband that Naruto cosplay has, you can surely buy one in cosplay costumes stores that are known to be selling Naruto cosplay stuffs. It is suggested too but the real version that is licensed goes for metal work which can actually cost far more.

You can see lots of Naruto cosplay, Naruto Uzumaki’s attractive hair straight up to the sky. So to complete the Uzumaki Naruto cosplay, firstly you should deal with the cosplay hair.

You may buy a yellow spiked Naruto cosplay wig in salons or nearby costume stores that would definitely have one like Naruto’s or make your hair exactly like his. You can dye your hair yellow which must be very bright. The gels you must be using must be the non permanent type to maintain the color and texture of the hair. You can surely bring out the yellow color if you have a natural dark hair and can be less harming when being bleached. You must make large spikes using the gel and must count exactly as 20.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Republic Crop Tops

I suppose you all know about my love for Crop Tops by now, how they are perfect for layering and can be worn all year round as long as you have some plain long vest tops! Here are my favourites from Republic!
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What do you think of these crop tops? Check out Republic now!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is a ball gown wedding dress fit for you?

Every girl dreams of being a princess in a wedding gown dresses. Indeed, the ball gown wedding dresses always bring people to a beautiful, charming, sweet and correct visual impression. With such a sweet, dreamy look, you can easily create more love. Ball gown wedding gown is particularly suitable for Grand wedding.

The most striking feature of the wedding gown dresses: cut the upper body can beautify your body so that your passport will look very thin, while the flash is below the waist, plump, which can cover your chubby Tum appropriately. Such dress is always going to have some form of petticoat.

It is suitable for busty brides or brides to the hourglass. It would be better if it goes with long sleeves or Basque waist (the waist).

If, however, are small, too big eruption would look like you less. You can try a ball gown dresses decorated with layers of yarn. That you would look pretty and beautiful.

Now let's look at some pictures of a beautiful ball gown wedding dresses.
Gown off-the-shoulder dress is appropriate for brides who are beautiful collarbones.
Strapless ball gown wedding dress - the classic style!

Satin ball gown wedding dresses are more appropriate for winter.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wildfox 10' Look Book love & MY BIRTHDAY!

It's my birthday today! YAY and i'm in sunny france sunbathing for it!
& These photos speak for themselves.
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Do you love Wildfox's lookbooks as much as I do? All their photos are amazing!
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The Introduction of hottest prom gowns

What’s the hottest prom dress style, and what’s the next season’s trend ?
Make sure all of the fashion infos so that you can avoid out of fashion and prepare your next prom night.

White and Black Options
Well, prom gowns highlight your brilliant and make you accented, while a black or white dress is still a classic style to go prom. Look for a dress that evokes feelings of Hollywood glamour like Jackie O or Marilyn Monroe. When wearing an all black or white dress, you can accessorize with jewelry in any bright colors such as sunset orange and neon green. You can also find black or white dresses with brilliant rhinestones and beading that sparkle for an added hint of style. Try looking for classic shapes that flatter your body type.

One-Shoulder prom Gowns
One-shoulder prom dress is suitable for formal prom or informal prom, and makes your stylish and fashionable. And these hottest one-shoulder prom styles are somehow taking the cues of 2010 Oscar dresses. See Sigourney Weaver , Tina Fey shows , Molly Ringwald and Mariah Carey, all of them were wearing one-shoulder prom dress to walk down the red carpet.

Gold and Pink
If you are going for another colored dress stick to gold-toned jewelry instead of choosing silver this year. Gold looks great with just about any color, and is always a noble and graceful color. Actually, you can opt for a gold prom dress added with non-gold simple earrings and a few chunky bracelets can easily complete your fabulous looking.

If you are not the gold jewelry type, pink is another popular accessory color for the season. All bright hues are popular as the summer months approach, but pink jewelry is especially fashionable in 2009. All shades of pink, including pastel pink and hot pink are favored by style magazines and retailers. No matter what your skin type or body type may be, you can find a shade of pink that works well for you.

Tulle and Feather Skirts

Along with the in-style shorter length dresses for prom, a short, belled-out skirt made of tulle or feathers can be fashionable as well. Choose a skirt that creates a shape flattering to your body. When you go for a tulle or feather skirt, keep the accessories light. Your dress material is already an embellishment, so too much jewelry can often be overwhelming.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Outfit Love

My new favourite summer outfit!

A axparis dress from Desire Clothing and long sandals from So You Shoes

A axparis dress from Desire Clothing and long sandals from So You Shoes

axparis dress from Desire Clothing and long sandals from So You Shoes
What have you been wearing so far this summer?
Also you checked out this months SUGAR magazine i'm inside it!
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Custom-made fashionable dress: such a powerful lure for women

For women who have an excellent taste, custom-made fashionable dress are more popular. In a sense, fashionable dress is a sort of status symbol.
Nowadays, it has become a vogue for women to have their fashionable dress made to measures. In our company, there are a lot of such customers.

Ms. Lee, 32, a senior administrator of a multinational firm, would never become reconciled to a thing which happened three years ago:” On that day, I went to a party in my party dress, but never expected that an assistant of another firm should wore a party dress similar to mine! That night was really a nightmare.” After that, Ms. Lee became an advocate of custom-made fashionable dress and experienced our customization service many times. In the end of last year, she went to the company’s annual party, her and her dress attract the public’s attention.

Ms. Zhou slopped over her wedding ceremony held in last month. Several months ago, she and her husband went to our company to customize their wedding dress. According to her requirements, body parameters and advantages, our designer created a style for her. The style also absorbed many popular elements. Ms. Zhou, as the bride, looked radiant on their wedding days. Many relatives and friends of her praised her wedding dress profusely, which made her very happy on that day.
Custom-made fashionable dress has a design as good as famous brand dress. Meanwhile, it is the very dress which is unique and most suitable for you. To reach these, custom-made fashionable dress should be made in the course of communication between customers and designers. A good designer should not only satisfy the needs of customers, but also be good at discovering advantages of the customers.
Brand dress can be worn by many people, and it displays you by the feature of the dress; however, custom-made fashionable dress totally creates and makes dress for you, it is really your “own” dress.
No matter how expensive the dress is, “it seems to be made specially for you” is such praise could not be better. Customizing dress for yourself means that there is no need to look for the dress you had longed, pray “do not have dress similar to others” and say “if only the neckline had one more lace”, and so on.
Well, if you have a dreamy dress, no matter it is a picture or conception; you can send the pictures to our custom service (, more details and your measurement are also needed.
Then a new fashionable, stunning and charming dress will in your wardrobe and on you.
Show your dress to your girl friends and share your happy with them.
You will out stand and eyecatching in the parties, prom nights or festivities.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shoe Designer Love: Jeffrey Campbell

Images are from the 2009 LookBook but I just totally adore them and had to show you!

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He's a total genious and i love all his work, you can check out some of his latest collection available to buy click HERE hope you love Jeffrey Campbell shoes as much as I love them!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A charming female soccer fan – you can be!

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa was held from June 11 to July 11, 2010 in 10 stadiums of South Africa’s 9 cities. After the tournament, many people came to the fore, such as players, coaches, trainers and soccer fans. Among them, media coverage of some charming female soccer fans is no less than that of players.

In the fist match between Paraguay and Italy, an on-the-spot charming Paraguayan female fan drew all eyes. At that time, she and her friends were cheering the Paraguayan team. After the match, her pictures are spreading on the internet, and she is known to the public: Larissa Riquelme, a famous model in Paraguay, has ever participated Miss Universe competition. She is famous for her beauty and sex appeal and is also a crazy soccer fan. Therefore, she has been named “World Cup Goddess” by other soccer fans.

While in South Korea, after a warm-up match of the South Korean team, pictures of a cheering squad beauty are reprinted widely by media. She was found to be a famous car model, named Kim Hayul, in South Korea. With a height of 1.76 meters, plus a pretty face, she is called “the most beautiful fan of 2010 World Cup” by net pals. Now, her name crept up to No. 1 search on Naver, South Korean largest search engine. Thus, the 24-year-old car model, Kim Hayul is having a good run now.

No matter how beautiful you are, as long as you are a soccer fan, you can show your elegant demeanor and release your passion in the sports stadium. It would be great to have a sportswear with bright color and daring design. You can send the pictures of sportswear you like to our custom service (, or you can tell us your daring ideas. More details and your measurement are also needed.
Then a new fashionable, stunning and charming sportswear will in your wardrobe and on you.
You will out stand and eyecatching in the sports stadium.
You can be a charming female soccer fan, if you like!

Glam Boutique

I'm sure not many of you have heard of Glam Boutique yet, they are an independent, forward thinking stockist of up and coming designers; supporting the launch of items of individuality for the fashion conscious mixed in with established brands!
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You can view their site by clicking on the photo above!
I also thought i'd show you all some of the latest photos of the products they sell on their site, enjoy!
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This is a gorgeous dress which is now being sold at Glam Boutique!
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This stunning jumpsuit is now being sold at Glam Boutique!
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The colours of the maxi dress are gorgeous and perfect for summer, this dress is available at Glam Boutique!
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This absolutely stunning timeless blazer is now availbale at Glam Boutique!
Check out Glam Boutique for more gorgeous and timeless clothing at very reasonable prices!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Beautiful Floral summer skirt

By now, you my follower should understand how much I love anything floral, and how much I love floral leggings & floral skirts!
Here is my latest summer buy, a Hearts & Bows skirt by Ark!
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This gorgeous ditsy print floral skirt is elasticated at the top so fits your body perfectly. Another great thing about it is that it's a different floral pattern, not the common ones you see all over the high-street made into leggings and tops and dress, this skirt is made from cotton!
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I'm wearing this skirt with a crop top by - Topshop, Necklaces by - New Look & Waistcoat by Miss Guided!
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I'm wearing this skirt with a crop top by - Topshop, Necklaces by - New Look & Waistcoat by Miss Guided!
Not only is this skirt made of cotton, it has pockets! Looks like this skirt will definetly come in handy!
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Back view of the skirt - This skirt is ideal for these summery months, with bare legs and sandals (i will do a post on holiday) & can be worn in winter with a pair of black opaque tights and military boots! As you know I love mixing and matching and having those clothes which can be worn all year round!
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Skirt by Ark crop top by - Topshop, Necklaces by - New Look & Waistcoat by Miss Guided!
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Close up on the gorgeous pattern of the skirt and the pocket!
Check out Ark now!
Also, the skirt is available in 3 different colours! A bargain you NEED to have in your summer wardrobe!
Have you checked out Ark Clothings site? What do you think of the skirt?
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chinese dress

The Qipao / Cheongsam can display all women's modesty, softness and beauty. Like Chinese women's temperament, the Qipao / Cheongsam is elegant and gentle, its long-standing elegance and serenity makes wearers fascinating. Mature women in Qipao / Cheongsam can display their graceful refined manner. A Qipao / Cheongsam almost varies with a woman's figure.

Cheongsam is deemed as the symbol of romantic and poetic, it can reveal your sylphlike figure attractively . If you have a Chinese classic face, such as little cherry mouth , melon seeds shaped face ,and big bright watery eyes, you definitely suits a cheongsam. But now cheongsam, as a excotic dress has been seen at festivities, parties or wedding ceremony all over the world. Especially, a blouse collided with a jean features so leisurely and fashionable.

Custom-made cheongsam will give more flexible and selection ,just your own loved colors ,fabric and pattern . If Qipao / Cheongsam will get some or none colored hem; you can select he sleeve-length, the slit length, the slit position (on the side, front or back) and how many slits you want. Additionally many different kinds of buttons, colors and buttonhole-loops will be chosen for you more often.

Finally you can select the measurement of your Chinese dress / Cheongsam. In this way you can simply get an absolute individual and real fitting Chinese dress / Cheongsam.

The cheongsam Chinese dresses have a number of styles which are uniquely designed to flatter your figure. So how to find your appropriate cheongsam to show your personality.

Skinny Ladies: Brocades with heavy silk designs produce a captivating style which also fills out the figure and adds curves to your body. If you have extremely thin legs, avoid mini-skirts and choose longer, flowing Chinese dresses instead.

Shorter Figure: a long cheongsam seems so unsuitable for you, as a long hem will only emphasize your smaller stature. Additionally, avoid boxy cuts with shoulder pads that weigh you down. Avoid too-cutesy looks so you won't look little girlish.

Larger Figure: A striking side split in the cheongsam Chinese Dresses goes a long way in hiding any bulges. Remember to avoid brocade and to choose a dress with a single harmonious color for an outstanding look. Well, dark color makes you look slimmer. A black or blue cheongsam sounds great for you.

Flabby Arms: Whatever your shape, add long sleeves to your cheongsam Chinese dresses if your upper arms are less firm than they could be. Dresses with lone sleeves features more modest and elegant, of course including cheongsam.

Collar Options: The traditional high collar of the Chinese Dresses cheongsam is best choice for women with a longer neck. However, even with a shorter neck you can find attractive Chinese dresses by opting for a short-collared or even plunging neckline design.

Bottom-Heavy Figure: The easiest way to balance a bottom-heavy figure is to choose Chinese dress that skims over the lower half of the body. Choose a straight-cut skirt with side slit to slim down your bottom half. A separate top will tone down any disparity between your upper and lower halves.

Perhaps someone is afraid of ordering through internet because of the wrong size , so first you should measure your accurate size ,which is so important for yourself for ordering a custom-made whatever you go to internet cheongsam store or local Qipao store! specialize custom-made dress, send the photo to us including what kind of cheongsam you want , then we'll make them out.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay this maybe the biggest shock ever to my followers which have followed me from the start of my blog last year, but ever since i was 11/12 i've not worn jeans. I've not liked jeans, I always thought they didn't suit me, until I saw this pair by Goi Goi @ Ark Clothing
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When I bought them and the mini skirt (will be shown in next post) and then they came the next day, I just had to take a picture of the wrapping, it was just far too pretty!
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I wore this outfit with my favourite pair of clogs by So You Shoes!
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These High-waisted hareem Goi Goi Jeans are perfect for summer! They are elasticated at the bottom and so they can be worn with some gorgeous gladiator sandals!
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Like these, shown in a previous post from Linzi Shoes for £15!
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Close up on the top of the jeans, I love how they are high waisted and stand out from any other normal pair of jeans!
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Close up on the buttons of the jeans which I love, I love how the jeans don't just have a simple zip as a fastening!
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I really like how interesting the back of the jeans are and love how they have a 'Goi Goi' label at the back, these jeans are really lovely for summer and I shall be wearing them all summer long!
Have you checked out Ark Clothing yet? well if you haven't you are really missing out, they've got one of the best SALES i've ever seen, so check them out for amazing fashion bargains at less than half price, I want everything in there sale especially the skirts, so check them out now!
What do you think of me wearing jeans? big YES or big NO?
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