Wednesday, June 30, 2010

everygirl needs a pair of GHD's

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Every girl needs a pair of ghd straightners, ghd stands for 'Good Hair Days'
and ever since i got my pair of ghd's 4 years ago, my hair has been perfect, they are the best pair of straightners you could ever buy. They come in thin plates for thin hair, thick plates for (afro & thick hair) and normal sized plates for those people with hair inbetween!
Ghd's come in so many colours now, limited edition colours, pink, green, purple, to name a few.
They are really worth the money if your like me and straighten your hair most days of the week! Here's to the good hair days!
My straightners are 4 years old and still going strong, do you own a pair of ghd's? what colour are yours? what do you think of the ghd's?
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 10 fashion buys this summer

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I made this collage to show my top 10 buys this summer, I would to own all of these I really would!
sites featured are: Topshop,So You Shoes,Miss Selfridge,New Look & Miss Guided
My favourite item is the spotty hot pant shorts by Topshop, I'm sure they can be worn all year round!
Have I told you guys about Voucher Codes before?
If not check out their latest codes here: offers a great assortment of fashion, eating-out and beauty codes, including this Dorothy Perkins Discount Code and Marks and Spencer Discount Code.’
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Italy National Soccer Team

2010 FIFA world cup has seized all the soccer fans’ eyes, of course 2010 world cup jerseys hit the topics and become the hottest sportwears.

One of the strongest soccer team refers Italy team, and as a result of a large number of soccer fans followed, the Italy soccer jersey becomes hottest.
Saw form the photo, this is Italy away youth jersey. Italian away soccer jersey junior. The jersey is in the typical Italian away color white.

The new Italy away jersey will be at the world cup in South Africa as they look to defend their trophy and win their 5th world cup. With 4stars emblazoned on the shirt-one for search world cup they have own powercat technology and is part of pumas powercat 1.10 collection

The Italy National Soccer Team Jersey has been constructed using 3D motion analysis which quantifies human movement.The material is 100% USP (ultimate sports performance) polyester. The jersey is constructed according to Puma's v1.08 design concept securing max comfort through moisture management and fit. Players who wear this jersey when representing their country include: Cannavaro , Pirlo , De Rossi, and Gilardino

This ensures each player uses minimal force and energy bwith every upper body movement. It has enhance breathability and allow once comfort and freedom of movement. The unique star-shaped collar is highlighted with the green, white and red colors of Italy.

This Italy team jersey is not only suitable for playing but for cheering. Wear a Italy team jersey join the cheering team, enjoy the group excitement and experience the enthusiasm . We use our special ways to welcome the coming of 2010 world cup.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturdays Outfits

What a beautiful day it was here in England yesterday,the sun was shining and it was one of the hottest days of the year! goodbye leggings and jumpers, hello summer dresses!
So I thought i'd show you all what i wore yesterday to go out shopping:
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Cropped Denim Jacket is from New Look, My dress is another vintage floral dress from Funk Rock, my clogs are from So You Shoes, and my necklace is from
This Izzy dress is so pretty and so easy to wear. It can be worn all year round, for example the dress can be worn with tights and a denim cropped jacket in the winter to keep warm or it can be worn in the summer with bare legs and a pair of Clogs.
It's availabe in three colours, I want all three for £20 a dress!
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my clogs are from So You Shoes, and my necklace is from Funk Rock
This eiffel tower necklace goes with everything and for only £12.99 it's a bargain. These clogs are the latest trend, I've seen them for up to £90 in some high street stores. My Clogs were only £26. So check out Soyoushoes in my sidebar!

Saturday Night's outfit
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Last Night, I wore another one of my favourite dresses by Siobhan Mckenzie. This dress is made to fit, and couldn't fit better. This batwing bodycon dress make me feel really really glamourous. For only £30 you can buy it here and with free uk delivery & free INTERNATIONAL delivery on your first order what else could you want?

So what do you guys do yesterday? What did you wear? What do you think of my outfits?

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Maxi Dresses

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Everyone is loving this latest trend of Maxi Dresses. How they can suit any body shape and make you look so stylish and slim. I love how they are all over the high street right now, in plain colours, stripes, florals and all the different matterials they are made out of and the style of the Maxi dresses too. I love the backless ones in Miss Selfridge and the really embellished ones in New Look, but i really love all the patterned ones at
I really like Miss Sixty's Maxi Dresses as they are so gorgeous and look amazing in the bottom half of the collage. I love the mixture of colours and dyed colours and the incredible amount of florals on the Maxi dress on the far left.
Have you bought a Maxi dress yet?
Will you be buying a few Maxi dresses this summer?
Which shop sells your favourite Maxi Dress? What do you think of this latest trend?
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you wearing Argentina team jersey cheering and yelling?

The Argentinean Football Team known widely as Argentina National Football Team is controlled by the Asociacion del Futbol Argentino (AFA). The Argentinean football squad is one of the most successful national teams, currently standing at the number 1 position in the FIFA ranking. The team is popularly known as La Selection and Albicelestes. soccer club jersey
Argentina national football team of Argentina is the world’s one of the most successful national team has won 19 major tournaments over the national team champion (and Uruguay share the record), including two dominated the World Cup (1978,1986), 14 won the America’s Cup, and won two Olympic football gold medal (2004,2008).
Chinese Team: Argentina national football team
Sports: football
Established: 1893
Current coach: Diego Maradona
Well-known figures: Maradona, Kempes, Daniel Passarella, Batistuta

Argentina has made three victories in Group B, and now is involved in the sixteenth list. Argentina team has two kinds of jerseys for 2010 world cup: a light blue and white team jersey and a dark blue team jersey.

In the two matches Vs Nigeria and Korea, Argentina wore the light blue and white Argentina team jersey. They did a great job, while Argentina team wearing the dark blue jersey also received a S-IPS.

Argentina team jersey is a classic. Adidas have updated the classic shirt into a hi-tech masterpiece. Engineered mesh for the ultimate in moisture control and comfort and it even comes in a commemorative box.

With the Argentina perfect performance, more and more Argentina fans are in. They bought a Argentina team jersey and wore it to support this strongest team. A survey shows that the Argentina team jersey were sold best , and Brazil team jersey ranks the second.

No 10 Argentina jersey is the hottest, and Messi is the owner of this number in the 2010 world cup.
Lionel Messi is one of the great young players in the game. And in the 4 years since the last World Cup has established himself as the best player in the world today. You can wear what he wears by purchasing an official Argentina World Cup jersey.

A Beauty Post: Champneys Collection

I have a lot of beauty bloggers who are big fans of my blog so I thought, why not do a beauty post?
So here we go.

Who are Champneys Collection and what do they do?
Champagneys Collection offers a range of top quality spa products, based on the successful image of the largest destination spa group in the UK called Champneys Health Resorts.

What are the products they sell?
They sell an extensive Line of health and beauty products, skin care and home fragrance and various gifts, which are available on their website, with detailed information about their products.

Where will you find their products?
Their Products are Available online and at a local town and City Spa Locations, you'll find a range of their spa products.

What are their most famous products?
Their facial skin products are their best selling. They are available to cleanse, detoxify and pamper all types of skin and for women and men of all ages.

What is there online service like?

In addition to the extensive selection of products which will pamper and relax your body and mind, you'll also find many services that Champneys offers to reduce the stress of shopping online. If you are purchasing a gift for someone special, you can take advantage of Champneys gift cards or gift vouchers. Gift cards are available in several different designs and can include a personalized message for the recipient. A Champneys gift voucher offers a selection from Champneys spa packages, including day packages, weekend stays or overnight and week-long stays at one of the many health resort locations. Sound fab or what?!

I'm definetly going to purchase a gift from Champneys next time it's a friends birthday!

Check out voucher codes for Champneys Collection here: Voucher Codes
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La Redoute Love.

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La Redoute is the number one fashion collection in France and has been present in the UK for the last 12 years. La Redoute offers catalog-based and online shopping with access to the lastest and greatest fashion trends from france, stylish? I think so.
They have an extensive collection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, lingerie, plus-size fashions and homeware. Is there anything they have missed?
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(some of the latest plus-size fashions)

La Redoute professionals observe trends that come straight from the catwalk and redesign them into clothing that fits your style. There clothing is for all ages, both for elegance and for luxury outfits and everyday wear as well. Everything you'll find at La Redoute speaks with the French style, whether it's the relaxed atmosphere provided by home furnishings or the chic attitude of each piece of clothing.

Easy to navigate site

Don't you always hate those sites which have tab after tab after tab to find the one thing you are looking for? With the La Redoute Website, you'll find easy to use tabs that will take you directly to your favourite fashion selections, from Scandinavian style clothing to the Zara Home collection. On the homepage of the site you'll find the deeply discounted sale items and new items just in. Sign up to the emails and receive 20% discount off your next order. Sound good?

Don't forget to check out the latest voucher codes for La Redoute Here:
Voucher Codes

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World cup France soccer team

France World Cup 2010 soccer jersey
2010 France team jersey is in the colors of the French flag the tri-colore blue, white, and red.

Currently two French players in Real Madrid are among the players who will travel to South Africa for the World Cup 2010 in June. Lass Diarra and Karim Benzema. The two are the latest in a long standing tradition of French players in Real Madrid going back in time. The greatest French player since Platini – Zinedine Zidane is also currently affiliated to Real Madrid as special advisor to the President and the board of the club regarding sporting issues. He retired from Real Madrid back in 2006 after 5 very successful seasons with the club.

With the help of Thierry Henry’s hand and good fortunes France managed to squeeze through the qualification rounds and into the main tournament of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. A hand play by Henry ended up being decisive as France grabbed the winner deep into extra time by a goal from Gallas being assisted by Henry.

Before the two-legged knock-out match between France and Ireland for a spot a South Africa France had a new national team jersey revealed which will be used for the matches in South Africa. The jersey was launched alongside the jerseys of other adidas teams such as Germany, Spain, Denmark, Argentina, South Africa and Mexico. Other adidas teams at the World Cup 2010 includes Slovakia, Greece, Nigeria, Japan, and Paraguay.

The theme and the inspiration for the French jersey is found in the France jerseys from the 1980s and in particularly the 1984 jersey used for the Euro 1984 in France. France won the tournament in 1984 with the likes of Platini, Giresse, and Tigana on the team. The photo below is from the opening match in 1984 between France and Denmark. France won the match 1-0 by a late goal from Michel Platini.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Concert wearing 'Funk Rock'

It's nice to know my exam periods nearly over, so I went to a gig yesterday with my friend and wore one of my gorgeous dresses from Funk Rock.
I saw everybody from The Saturdays, to Diana Vickers & Gabriella Climi and Chipmunk.
Gabriella Climi looking gorgeous in a red dress and knee high boots. (
Gabriella Climi looking stunning in the red dress and thigh high military boots.
Diana Vickers @
Diana Vickers in a vintage dress which looked like a body suit and skirt together but she said on an interview afterwards it was a dress, and her hair is stunning!
Diana Vickers @ fashion style indie boho
The lead singer of 'The Hoosiers' looking stylish in a denim shirt and jeans.
Jedward fashion
Jedward looking fly in their metallic matching suits and quiffed hair.
Leddra Chapman @
Leddra Chapman looking stunning in a vintage looking floral dress and ballet pumps.
Chipmunk @
Chipmunk looking very stylish and like a world famous gangsta rapper.
Daisy Dares You @
Daisy Dares You going for a 'biker chic rock look'
The Saturday @
The Saturdays in matching bodycon skirts with white crop tops, I love the detailing on the skirts and how they were all wearing different colours and matching white heels.
The Saturdays @
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My stylish outfit for the day, the stunning chiffon pleated dress from Funk Rock. for £20 I received so many compliments by people that day for this dress, it's one of those gorgeous floaty dresses you see for up to £120 in some highstreet stores and for £20 this dress is just impossible to miss and you have to have it in your wardrobe this summer!
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My beautiful looking vintage elephant necklace and if you lift it up it's also a clock and tells the time, only £12.99 by Funk Rock. It's really nice as you can wear it with anything to brighten up your outfit because the necklace goes with everything!
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Dress by Funk Rock., Necklace by Funk Rock. Bag from New Look & Sandals by Ginonv.
I really love Funk Rock for it's uber fast delivery service, and the quality of the products for the prices is amazing, they are selling better quality products than most of the ones we buy on the high-street but for half the price! They are really worth checking out if you love vintage style clothes and anything floral. I'm definetly shopping there again!
What did you think of the celebrities outfits, who do you think dressed the best?
My favourite was Diana which was yours? Will you be buying this chiffon floral dress this summer?
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summery white dress

Yes. I'm showing you guys Siobhan Mckenzie again, but i just really adore all her dresses how they are hand-made and so beautiful.
Siobhan Mckenzie dresses
The dress is gorgeous, it's so summery and I really love the top of the dress and the dying at the top and along the side of the dress.
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I love the style of the dress, how it drapes to show off your figure with it's tight bodycon material.
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The dress can be worn for casual wear with sandals and some leggings. Or for partywear with just so gorgeous heels!
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Thankyou Siobhan for another absolutely stunning dress, I'm going to spoil you guys because Siobhan wants to host some giveaways to win some of her dresses soon!
How would you wear this dress?
& check out the rest of her dress collection here : Siobhan Mckenzie
Having so many problems with my internet right now, and with my exams taking over (been going on for 1 month and a half and finishing next week) I'm behind on blog commenting, i promise i'll catch up soon guys. Thankyou for all your support with my blog everyone who's commented these past two weeks!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Well, maybe not diamond all the time, but expensive jewellery will do!
So I thought i'd tell you about Ernest Jones, the UK's diamond and watch specialist, which began from one store located on Oxford Street, London in 1949!
Fashion-Train, Becca
(not the actual first Ernest Jones store but what a store today looks like)

Ernest Jones now has over 190 Jewellery stores and a highly established online site. Ernest Jones' jewellery is perfect for engagement and wedding rings, necklaces and bracelets and watches and those perfect special gifts.

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(diamonds are a girls best friend!)

Ernest Jones stocks every brand from Rolex to Gucci, and carries an extensive line of diamond jewellery, watches, girdts and luxury accessories from top quality brands!

Special Occasions can be a gift of luxury cufflinks, money clips and trinket boxes, there's also a large selection of clocks and writing utensils. With gifts for every occasion from weddings to christenings you are spoilt for choice!
With value-added services such as engraving, gift-wrapped, jewellery cleanings and lifetime diamond care. When you next think about buying some expensive jewellery, there's really only one place to go, Ernest Jones!

Check out all the latest voucher codes and cashback opportunities on your purchases here: Voucher Codes

Do you own a really important piece of jewellery? Has that someone special given you an important piece you will treasure forever?

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Monday, June 14, 2010

LAURA ASHLEY GIVEAWAY ON FASHION-TRAIN! offer you the latest fashion discount codes such as:

Laura Ashley - 25% off selected home and fashion Summer Event (through June 13 - no code) –

Boden - 10% off sitewide + free delivery + free bag (through July 1)
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AllSaints - free UK delivery

Marks and Spencer - 3 for 2 + free delivery on schoolwear (through Sept. 14)

Debenhams - up to 20% off mens polos (through June 20th)

Littlewoods - £15 off your first order over £25 when you open credit account

House of Fraser - free delivery over £50

Levis - free delivery on all orders

Dorothy Perkins - 25% off shoes
free delivery over £75

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So, Laura Ashley one of my favourite stores for pretty little room accessories and wallpaper and I love Laura Ashley jewellery too, and all things floral which Laura Ashley do, I have have the pleasure of announcing to my readers A NEW GIVEAWAY!
Their are plenty of things you could use a £50 Laura Ashley giftcard for, the money for some new wallpaper, a few little small home furnishings, a couple of pieces of clothing or maybe the start of the money needed to buy a new sofa?

So how do you enter this competition? well. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your twitter username and email address and follow LAURA ASHLEY,CodesCoUk & me, FASHION-TRAIN on twitter! & tweet us this

“Tweet & Follow @Codescouk @FashionTrain for chance to win £50 voucher from @Laura Ashley__”

The competition will be open to all my readers from the U.K for two weeks and the winner will be chosen via!


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Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 world cup Ghana team

With the June 1 deadline to submit their final World Cup roster, Ghana have decided to name their 23 man roster two days before the FIFA mandated deadline.

Ghana will be going into this World Cup in Group D, with matches on June 13 against Serbia at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria, followed by Australia on June 18 at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenberg and Germany on June 23 at Johannesburg's Soccer City.

Ghana is an ambitious team for their soccer dream, and we are looking forward their best performance. Even though Ghana has never won the World Cup, it has managed to get to 14th in the FIFA rankings.

Several soccer fans wear their favor team’s jersey to support them , so does the Ghana soccer team fans. If you are among them , then you can decide that instead of putting a current player’s name at the back of your Ghana home jersey, that you can put your name and favorite number at the back of this soccer jersey shirt.

The Black Stars have released a new Ghana World Cup home jersey for the 2010 World Cup and the shirt will be a popular with the fans, hoping to sell even more quantities than the previous Ghana World Cup home shirt.

Ghana has qualified for the tournament in South Africa and will now be focusing on friendliest to try out new players and formations, so that they are ready for the World Cup. Manufactured by Puma, Milovan Rajevac’s side will be wearing the Ghana World Cup home kit in some of these friendlies and will hope to win a stretch of games to help build momentum for the tournament.

If you are looking to add some world cup jerseys to your soccer kit collection, then the 2010 World Cup Ghana home kit is a great purchase to continue this collection. It is the best way to wear Ghana National Soccer Jersey to show your enthusiasm and support towards Ghana team.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I love Tights Please

You know I regularly post about where my tights are from TightsPlease but I thought i'd tell you a bit about them!

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So, TightsPlease began in 2000 and since then the website has built a following of over 1 million people per year and is one of the largest retailers for shopping online of tights, stockings & hold ups in the world. TightsPlease caters to everyone, from celebrities, to film makers and fashion designers and customers from all over the world, when the base of the company is here in the UK. You can check out the latest voucher codes here: Voucher Codes

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The Fashion...

Having trouble looking for a pair of leggings or tights or maybe even some hold ups? Tightsplease will have them in stock. They sell brands such as Braza Bra, Sarah Borghi, FALKE and Tic Tac Toe!

What I really love is the latest trends section, where you can see what tights celebrities such as Pixie Lott & Alexa Chung are wearing and by a pair similar!

Delivery Info

Whats so great about Tightsplease's delivery service? You can have the option to ship orders to anywhere in the world, and shipping is charged at a flat fee no matter whether you ordering from the UK or internationally. What else? you can even track your order online!

Check out the latest discount codes for Tights Please here: Tightsplease


Discount Codes

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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Few Sale Items & A Feature

I had a minor spending spree online earlier this week, due to exam stress! I've done 13 now, 5 more to go then i'll be back to blogging as usual!
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My New Top (£4) and skirt (£10) from the New Look Sale!
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Also I've been featuring on Shop Pulse
For there 'Blogger Spotlight' Feature!
You can check out the post by clicking on the image below!
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Hope you all have great weekends! Mine is full of revision, again!
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