Sunday, September 12, 2010

fashion clothings modern

If you want to start a business that will surely usher in huge profits for you, you can build your own clothing retail shop. There are some entrepreneurs who fear that they will not be able to get back the money that they have put in when they invest on fashion clothes. However, this is not the case when you know where to get the best deals. In order for you to make your business do well, there are a lot of things that you have to consider first. If you’re into selling fashion clothing, you have to look for a supplier that will be able to provide you with reliable and affordable deals.

When choosing from a long list of clothing suppliers, choose a company or manufacturer that sells wholesale fashion clothing. One such company is CausewayMall, which is a Hong Kong fashion clothing manufacturer. This supplier is your choice wholesale online shopping mall, allowing you to make your order through the Web. This is very convenient since you won’t have to leave your store in order for you to shop for new clothing supplies. Opting to buy from CausewayMall will provide you with several benefits.

The first benefit that you enjoy from procurement at CausewayMall is the chance to avail of its low prices. When you order fashion clothing wholesale, it will be given to you along with a cut-off price. This Hong Kong clothing wholesaler sells its items at an economic price, when you shop in bulk orders. Another advantage that CausewayMall offers is the utmost trendiest styles in the fashion industry. This is something that you can expect, despite the fact that CausewayMall sells its wholesale fashion clothing at lesser costs.

CausewayMall always puts the interests of its clients first. This is the reason why you get reliable yet, cheap ladies wholesale clothing. Not only this, it is possible for you to shop from this fashion wholesale company even if you are not managing your business in Asia. CausewayMall sells its apparel internationally. This means that you can buy its affordable clothes anywhere you are in the world. The wholesale buyers of this manufacturer usually come from the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, and Thailand.

The apparel that provides is inspired by Japan & Korea Fashion Clothing. This implies that your clothing supplies wholesale are comprised of chic and trendy designs. You can choose from cute designs such as bubble-sleeved blouses and lace skirts. Or else, you can go for funky styles like off-shoulder blouses and checkered cotton socks. Causeway Mall is also a sexy tank halter tops supplier, with styles taken from L.A. fashion and other top fashion districts.

There is no way that you can get designer clothes wholesale at affordable prices. Fashion clothing usually means expensive tags. But when you shop at CausewayMall, you will be able to supply your clothing retailer shop with designer and fashion apparel without sacrificing your profit. This could mean more customers and a higher profit margin for you

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The New Style UGG boots!

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I'll have to admit, I'm quite liking the plain knitted UGG boot with a new 'edge' to them for this seasons A/W 2010 collection. This is a great (yet different) change to the simple classic tall and short UGG boots we saw hit our stores a year ago.
How to wear this seasons UGG boots? With a pair of leggings/skinny jeans and a leather jacket and your ready to go!

So where can you find your new pair of UGG boots?
at Daniel Footwear is where you'll first find these UGG's hitting the UK! So check the site out!

“Think you can handle the new Ugg Boots A/W 2010 collection yet?”

So, what do you think of this seasons UGG boot?

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fashion clothing celebrity in ndonesia 2010

fashion clothing show 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Voi Jeans at DiscountCoder!

Okay, as my dearest fans do know, I'm not the biggest fan of jeans, but i've found a brand of jeans I just really adore these are Voi Jeans.
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(the latest Voi Jeans available online now)

A girl can never have to many pairs of jeans, (that's if you are someone who wears them 24/7) so why not try a pair of Voi Jeans! They are a perfect fit, and for every girl who's looking for the pair of perfect jeans right now, check out Voi Jeans!

Voi Jeans stock a amazing range of top quality jeans for both men and women! They are 100% cotton with a slim fit and great detailing. There range of jeans are a must-buy for your wardrobe at the unbelievable price of only £24.99!

And for all my Male readers and female readers who are looking for the perfect pairs of jeans for their boyfriends, Jeans at Kiosk 78 are perfect! I'm really loving the Kiosk 78 site!

here are a selection from the site I really like!
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Check out Discount coder are perfect, you can use these amazing discounts on:

Voi Jeans Discount Codes & Kiosk 78 Discount Codes!

And check out Discount Coder when you are online shopping, I use the discounts all the time and save money!

So, are you looking for the perfect pair of jeans?

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How to choose your bridal tiara?

Besides wedding rings, every bride pays much attention to the brilliant bridal tiara on her wedding. Yes, every girl dreamed of wearing beautiful wedding gowns dresses and dazzling bridal tiara to become a stunning princess. So, in the name of wedding, crown your princess dream with singularly luxury.
Bridal Tiara of Regular Triangle Design
Weight and visual focus of the whole bridal tiara are all at its central part, and the design of its central part is gorgeous.
As the design looks like a regular triangle, which is an inclusive shape, the kind of bridal tiara is commonly used. Except brides who have too angular face or lower jaw, or brides who are over 1.8 meters, nearly all brides can try this kind. Especially for those brides who have round faces, this kind of bridal tiara is the best choice, as it can make your face look longer.
Bridal Tiara of Semi-circle Design
It has a semi-circle shape with the slightly prominent central part. And its central part also uses a gorgeous pattern to form the visual focus. However, it underlines the central part not as much as the bridal tiara of regular triangle design does. This kind of bridal tiara is suitable for those brides who have pointed faces, as it can correct the impression that your face is too pointed. Of course, brides who have round faces should avoid wearing it.
As it looks dignified, it is suitable for those brides who are tall. With it, you will look steadier and more graceful.
Bridal Tiara of Ringlike Design
Bridal tiara of ringlike design is the most traditional and grand type. Every side of it is made with elaborate craftsmanship. It looks stunning from every angle. However, it is the most "picky" bridal tiara. Only those brides who have oval faces can wear the kind very well. If you are tall and have an oval face and full figure, then it will make you look elegant and dignified.
Bridal Tiara of Simple Style
This kind of bridal tiara breaks the form system of traditional ones. It gives away redundant decoration and materials and win by simple lines. It is suitable for wedding dress of all styles and brides of various temperament types. As long as your face is not too fat and you are willing to break with convention, you can try it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wearing Orange Polka Dots

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Have you ever thought let's buy that item of clothing just to stand out from the crowd?

Well I thought just this when I purchased these gorgeous shorts from Motel Rocks!

These polka dot tailored shorts have beautiful pleating at the front and are very similar to the 'cullotte style' short and are perfect from summer/winter! They have a high waist band too, so are very flattering on the figure!

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What do you think of my outfit? what do you wear to the beach?
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

how do I choose my wedding dress for plump

I have a plump figure, but my abdomen is not so smooth. And I always give an impression on others that I am gentle and lovely. Like other plump girls, I want to look slender, so that I can make the most perfect impression on everyone at my wedding party. How do I choose my wedding dress?

Well, if you are plump, don’t worry too much about it. As it always symbolizes blessing, many people are envious of you. However, if you want to look slender and charming on your wedding, you can do as follows:

1. Choose a wedding dress with a simple straight cut, which will make you look slender and graceful.

2. You should try to avoid complicated design for the waist and flare. Too many decorations would make your body look more inflated, thus you will look very bulky. For you, simple is beautiful.

3. You can also choose a fluffy flare of princess style for your wedding dress. However, the flare should not be too wide. Do not choose a flare made of yarn fabric. Satin fabric is a good choice. Do not try a cake-skirt like flare. Otherwise, it will make your lower part look more inflated. A line wedding dress is the best choice.

4. Avoid high neck style. A high neck wedding dress would compress your height visually. Instead, you should choose a low neck wedding dress. V neck is the best choice, which can make you look taller.

5. If you want use lace or flowers as decoration, you can choose thin schiffli lace as the fabric. Avoid thick decoration.

With the above tips, I am sure that you know how to choose your wedding dress now.

If you wear your wedding dress as what I have told you, you will look slender and charming in your wedding.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Avatar color is popular in 2010

Everyone who has seen the film Avatar, which swept the world at the beginning of year 2010, must have been impressed by the distinctive turquoise skin of the Navi (the aboriginal race in the Pandora). In fact, turquoise has been chosen as the color of the year for 2010, announced by Pantone (the world-renowned authority on color). Turquoise cocktail party dress is deeply welcomed by young lady.

In Pantone’s opinion, “turquoise is an inviting, luminous hue. It inspires thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a comforting escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.”

“In many cultures, Turquoise is believed to be a protective talisman, a color of deep compassion and healing, and a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky. Through years of color word-association studies, we also find that to many people, Turquoise represents an escape, taking them to a tropical paradise that is pleasant and inviting – even if it is only a fantasy.”
In fact, although turquoise is not a dominant hue in fashion colors, it is much loved by fashion. Many fashion stars has stolen a march on others and showed Avatar color.
Hilton’s wardrobe would never lack for apparel of various colors and certainly would never lack for apparel of brilliant turquoise. The daring combination of turquoise and gold makes her look like a goddess.
Lily collins’ turquoise chiffon blouse looks stable. Going with a professional pencil skirt, the chiffon blouse makes her looks charming and smart.

Does this dress remind you of the blue sea shinning in the bright sunlight? Its slim cut can show your stunning curves fully; its asymmetrical style can show your beautiful legs; and its luminous diagonal stripes are a final touch. All of these can make you look charming and distinctive!
With a pair of turquoise apparel, you can also be charming and fashion this year.

Motel Rocks Love.

Yaay! don't you just love this time of year? All the new collections are out and the september issues of the fashion magazines!
Well anyway, back to the most amazing dress. I still can't believe it's only £35! It's so so so so perfect for a/w 2010!
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Yes it's this dress! it's the Motel Rocks Imogen Dress in colour Autumn Garden. I just adore this print, flatters olive skintones really well, and same for pale complexions. This dress has 3/4 sleeves and is a bodycon fit, perfect for partying and for the 'casual cool' look! i'm wearing the dress with Military Boots from Linzi Shoes!

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I think this dress could easily be paired with a pair of heels the ones i'm wearing are from So You Shoes. The grey pair of military boots is also from Linzi Shoes!
My ideals way to wear this dress:

Day-wear: with a long cardigan, tights & military boots
Night-wear: with cute bangles and a pair of studded ankle boots!

I really love Motel Rocks as there dresses are all so gorgeous and really affordable too, they also have an AMAAAZ-ING range of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!
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(you've got to check them out they are all DIVINE!)
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* all images if clicked lead you to the motel rocks site

What do you think? Will you be getting an a/w 2010 motel rocks dress? Are you lusting over those Jeffrey Campbell heels?!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to basics?

A few days ago I purchased this top from Asos
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And at £10 I never realised how practical plain tops can be if they are of better quality than the typical (£3 sale bargain plain top) especially in different colours and not just plain white or black. So I chose 'mink' for the colour of this top, but now I have it I might get it in navy and white too!
These sort of tops are ideal with leggings and a cardigan and can be worn for daywear or with a nice skirt and heels for a night out. A top worn for day and night only £10. It's a bargain.
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Back view of the top - As you can see it's perfect to be worn with leggings!
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I'm wearing the top with this elephant necklace (its got a clock inside if you open it up) from Funk Rock check out the banner at the top and you can get 20% off too!
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Do you have that perfect vest you just wear all the time which was a bit more expensive than usual?

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Check out my new blog by clicking the banner at the top of my page, or the one above ^

So I bet your thinking why did she start another blog?!
I started it because, people are forever asking me where my clothes are from at such good prices, and how do i find such gorgeous items on online stores! So I started the blog to help you all find bargains too. It'll have daily posts about the cheap online bargains I love right now & advertise to you all the latest fashion codes and best codes around!

Please check it out and tell me what you think, and maybe even become a follower?

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Friday, August 13, 2010

red prom gowns

Compared with modest, traditional, and elegant long prom gowns, short prom dresses create a more stylish statement all their own. Through the combination of short prom design and bold colors are most popular, such as red prom dresses.

A short prom dress can used to create a sense of personal style throughout the event. Short prom dresses are a great addition to the summer prom lineup and are therefore available through a variety of designers that encourage the dresses to be worn to prom.

Moreover, red is a lucky color to bring happiness, and it features enthusiasm, hot and eye-catching. So wearing a red short dress to go prom will make you stand out and accented out of the crowd.

Since you have determined to buy a red short prom dress then, you will ask: what kinds of shoes should be matched with a short prom dress?

The styles of shoes which are most appropriate for short prom dresses include those which can hold up to the style. Although high heels are most preferred to be combined with a short prom dress, there are some dress styles in which the girl can get away with wearing a brightly colored or embellished pair of flat shoes.

There are many places where you can find short red prom dresses in a variety of styles. One of the most popular places to find red prom dresses, as well as other colors, in a variety of styles include through formal shops which are located locally. These shops often have a good array of designer lines as well as catalogs which can be used to create a custom dress order. This is a great way to find a dress that no one else has.

If don’t have much time or have money problem, then you can turn to online shop for a red short prom dress. Online shopping just need you stay at home and an easy mouse click then bring you more surprises. Furthermore, you can find some useful suggestions about your prom dress from websites.