Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to choose your bridal tiara?

Besides wedding rings, every bride pays much attention to the brilliant bridal tiara on her wedding. Yes, every girl dreamed of wearing beautiful wedding gowns dresses and dazzling bridal tiara to become a stunning princess. So, in the name of wedding, crown your princess dream with singularly luxury.
Bridal Tiara of Regular Triangle Design
Weight and visual focus of the whole bridal tiara are all at its central part, and the design of its central part is gorgeous.
As the design looks like a regular triangle, which is an inclusive shape, the kind of bridal tiara is commonly used. Except brides who have too angular face or lower jaw, or brides who are over 1.8 meters, nearly all brides can try this kind. Especially for those brides who have round faces, this kind of bridal tiara is the best choice, as it can make your face look longer.
Bridal Tiara of Semi-circle Design
It has a semi-circle shape with the slightly prominent central part. And its central part also uses a gorgeous pattern to form the visual focus. However, it underlines the central part not as much as the bridal tiara of regular triangle design does. This kind of bridal tiara is suitable for those brides who have pointed faces, as it can correct the impression that your face is too pointed. Of course, brides who have round faces should avoid wearing it.
As it looks dignified, it is suitable for those brides who are tall. With it, you will look steadier and more graceful.
Bridal Tiara of Ringlike Design
Bridal tiara of ringlike design is the most traditional and grand type. Every side of it is made with elaborate craftsmanship. It looks stunning from every angle. However, it is the most "picky" bridal tiara. Only those brides who have oval faces can wear the kind very well. If you are tall and have an oval face and full figure, then it will make you look elegant and dignified.
Bridal Tiara of Simple Style
This kind of bridal tiara breaks the form system of traditional ones. It gives away redundant decoration and materials and win by simple lines. It is suitable for wedding dress of all styles and brides of various temperament types. As long as your face is not too fat and you are willing to break with convention, you can try it.

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