Saturday, February 28, 2009

just dance, it'll be okay.

its been a while since i last posted.
sorry, but i've been revising.
i've done over 10 different exams this week, and next week i have 4 modules. so its not fab. at the moment i'm just taking a break from Quadratics. its confusing stuff at times.

just thought i'd let you know how i hate lady gagas clothes.
i don't mind her music, the songs are quite catchy. but look at this.

^ what is she thinking, first with the wig, and then the bright red leotard with a hood and white lace tights AND black heels. thats a real fashion disaster in my opinion.

would you really wear that when your being interviewed?

i'd love to know your views on lady gaga.
i like her music, and how electronic her songs are. but her clothes?!

much loveeee,

Monday, February 23, 2009

i hate mondays.

i hate mondays, just like garfield i suppose. tuesdays are so much better, also tuesdays are nearer the weekend. but i shall not like next tuesday and wednesday. i have gcse module exams. :(
maths, biology + chemistry.
it sucks it really does.
i best start revising......

anyways, it hasn't stopped me from looking at matthew williamsons, a/w 09 collection at new york fashion week its divineeee. :)
enjoy the photosss :D

^ oh myyyyyy those shoes. i'd love a pair.

anyone else seriously love those shoes?

much loveee,


Sunday, February 22, 2009

i wanna hold them like they do in texas please.

A line from one of my favourite songs at the moment.
lady gaga - pokerface.
i think pokerface. sounds like poke HER face.

anyways, yes i'm back from my 3 day trip away. which was lovely. and at the moment i'm just looking at a few collections from london fashion week, which started on the 20th and end in just 3 days.
i'll do a special blog posting for london fashion week soon (:

i was looking at fall 09 backstage photos. and there really nice.

calvin klein backstage :
really like this image for the colours, the colours are really stunning.

alexander wang backstage : i like this photo for a strange reason, especially what he's put as advice to the models.

alexander wang backstage: AHHHH ZOE KRAVITZ!! i really love her hair and style and this picture is her on valentines day. at alexanders show.

miss sixty frontrow: mischa barton and coco rocha look stunning they really do.

marc jacobs backstage: i really love the hairstyles. very unique indeed.

please tell me what you think so far or london and new york fashion week, your favourite shows, favourite designers, i'd love to read them all (:

much love,


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new york fashion week (L)

wow, i've been on for about a half hour, and i was looking at the collections from new york fashion week, some of them are gorgeous, matthew williamson, and miss sixty are my pure favourites, absolutely gorgeous collections.
here are my favourite pictures from the latest miss sixty collection:

absolutely gorgeous top, and the whole theme of miss sixtys collection i think is based on a few certain colour, grey, light pink and black.
really nice colour selection i think :)

the dress is gorgeous and so are the boots, this is the sort of outfit i'd wear if i went out somewhere really nice, like to a really posh restaurant. :)

i saw this picture and loved the dress, but seeing it made me think will fishnets come back in fashion?!

wow the dress is gorgeous, and shes wearing boots long black boots i reckon these will be huge for a/w 09' because i've seen them on other designers collections too.

what do you think of new york fashion week so far this season?
remember london fashion week, february 20th - 25th! :)

right this is a longer post, because i'm away for the next few dayss :)
happy holidaays, and please leave comments. (:
follow the blog pleaseeee! :D

much loveee,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

notelets of a fashion geek.

danielle scutt, has an amazing inspiring collection for last seasons spring 2008, and i've only just noticed it, it really amazing, and i love the colours, what do you think?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

vogue, a fashion magazine again?!

i had a shock when i bought vogue recently. i've got a few issues of vogue, and i just by them for the inspiring editorials ( which i adore ) and i read elle for fashion. but this month i must say vogue's really stepped up. no pointless articles which aren't fashion based, more editorials, and fashion articles, the price may have gone up by 10p but i must say its well worth it this month.

what do you think?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tuesdays a day for fashion weeklies.

who says days can't be fashion related in every single way? at the moment i'm trying to incorporate fashion into my surrealist artwork, still trying to think of a way i can link the two together!
i've been really inspired today, by people wearing lots of necklaces and knitted berets, i think there lovely. but my favourite is BBB! (big brown bags) i love them so much i have two :D there great, fit everything in, hold them not on your shoulder but on your arm, with a pair of black tights and a baggy tee and a chunky necklace. thats what i call stunning fashion, un-organized and stylish?!
what do you think?
also masks, i really love them at the moment ever since i went to my friends house and there was a picture of her with one on. i think i could never wear one out in public normally but for photoshoots, parties, and themed days yes masks are stunning and look really great! :)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

bang bang, ossie clark!

today i was just browsing fashion sites as i do, and i came across ossie clarks ss/09 collection, and i couldn't help looking at some key trends no-ones really picked up on yet, like the orange hoodie dress jourdan dunn is wearing. and the amazingly beautiful long dressess. i don't know if no-ones paid much attention to his collection, coz i haven't seen it in a magazine. but wasn't he famous years ago.
what are you views on this?


Saturday, February 7, 2009


i would really love a vintage blouse, and a high waisted skirt.

and i'd love longer hair like hers, and a really big bag.

a bag exactly like this.

all three images are very inspirational, and i like bits from each one, and the peices of each outfit, would be my own perfect outfit.


Friday, February 6, 2009

the notes the fashionista wrote

florals, i reckon they'll be big this year. blouses especially, and floral dresses, but all with a quirky vintage feel. Also medallion looking necklaces, those look fab with any outfit, and when wearing a blouse always where a white top underneath! this girls outfit is really cool, it shows individuality and also vintage.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ramblings of a fashion geek

well today was lovely, i got first period off because of snow, and then i got my english original writing coursework and i got an A and a C in a geography test :)
and when i got home i had a copy of elle, waiting for me, and the subscribers cover this months lovely, gwyneth paltrow in dolce&gabbana pjamas which are inspired by minnie mouse! which i think are lovely. and i've been browsing fashion blogs for about an hour, looking for inspiration on how to right this post for today, i've decided to write more often, in the hope of getting more people visiting my blog :)
so please if you do happy to be reading this right now, leave a comment :)
it will be much appreciated :)

beccca x

Monday, February 2, 2009

i want that cross necklace babes.

this necklace is like amazing. and it'll go with anything, and doesn't she look fab wearing it :O its a shame though, i'll never be able to purchase the necklace, coz the girls from helsinki, so yeah impossible to even ask to be quite honest.
but yeaah i love the necklace so much and i really love her outfit.
this picture kind of inspires me! (:
tell me what you think.