Monday, May 31, 2010

New York crop top & harem pants

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(excuse my hair, it looks bad!)
I love this outfit.
Cardigan - New Look
Crop Top - Topshop
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(full length photo)
Cardigan - New Look
Crop Top - Topshop
clutch bag - Aldo
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Cardigan - New Look
Crop Top - Topshop
Clutch Bag - Aldo
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Cardigan - New Look
Crop Top - Topshop
Clutch Bag - Aldo
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Cardigan - New Look
Crop Top - Topshop
Clutch Bag - Aldo
I suppose I have a bit of an idea to wear i'd wear an outfit like this. I love these harem pants, they are perfect for this summer, CHIARAFASHION do them in three colours and I want them all, they go with everything!
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The description of evening dress

As a result of several reasons , lots of fashion clothing stores do charge exorbitant prices for some evening dresses ,you still wonder how to get a extreme low price evening dress while won’t sacrifice high quality and stylish design . Even with higher quality than those higher price items found in some fashion evening dress shop .

Your first choice is discount store . Several stores sell discount goods ,so does dress shop . A large number of discount evening dress isready for your searching . Nothing is difficult for man who wills . Here we should follow “nothing is difficult for woman who wills ” .

Some stores hold only one goal “large volume ” against all odds , via giving up some profit margin per sale. How did they complete it ?

To be able to serve customers better and offer low price , some of these stores buy directly from manufacturers of evening dresses .

Wholesaler is your second selection for purchasing a perfect evening dress . However ,there is a problem ,wholesaler usually do not sell retail evening clothes to individuals. If you're enterprising then you are so lucky .

But don’t worry ,a way is figured out for you , you can go with your friends, family or neighbors who is interested in discount evening dress . Integrate purchase is an ultra cheap ideal for shopping lovers .

Thirdly , several stores have periods when they sell off their stock cheaply to make room for new evening dress. Then if you just catch up the time then you can actually get a dress for half the original price or less.

The end, if you don’t matter ,you can choose to hire or rent an evening dress . Several companies offer this kind of service . With low price ,meanwhile you also will pursue a perfect evening dress


Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Daily Summer Outfit.

First of all thankyou for the lovely 59 comments on my last post!
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So, this weather at the moment had me thinking, what am I going to be wearing this summer? How can you in-corporate your summer and winter wardrobe into one? Well I have the answer, well sort of....
Bodycon skirts for example, they have been huge this past season and should be huge this season, but why not dress them down, by taking off the heels and tights and replacing them with bare legs and sandals, like this ones from GINONV for a fab price of £20 the perfect alternative to the gladiator sandal!
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these sandals are absolutely fab for these coming summer months! from - GINONV
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For this perfect summer daywear outfit, i've teamed it up with a new look floral hanky hem top and new look necklaces and this gorgeous peach panel bodycon skirt also from GINONV
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These sandals are absolutely beautiful and I such a lovely alternative to the common pair of brown gladiator sandals, these are just £20 from GINONV
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A lovely blue summer sky? Well this is what the sky on a good day in England looks like...
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A close up of the floral pattern on my top and the top of my sandals!
check out GINONV now!
I love summer, but sadly since I've taken these photos, it's begun to rain again here in England!
p.s I went to go and see Sex And The City 2 today, it was absolutely fabulous, the outfits the fashion in general, everything was just amazing, it was such a good sequel, i recommend you go out and watch it my fashionable readers!
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A expensive prom dress ends up burning a hole in your pocket

Prom night is coming soon , maybe you desire purchasing a perfect prom dress for yourself . Now your friends are busy dating or other things and your parents are not beside you . Then what can you do ?

The worse is it seems tough to search a prom dress that charge lower price than your tuition or your monthly salary but don’t sacrifice its high quality and stunning performance . Simply speaking , your prom dress is cheap but chic ha ?

The key to approach your flattering formal dress is the “timing” . You know , timing is a good tip for your anything . Start early but stay away from mad dash . Hold on before that you should try your best to grasp all the information about yourself : What price you can afford for a prom dress ,which type will work best on your body !

You may wonder why early shopping is not so good . The earlier I go , earlier I hunt the most fashion style . Because all the crisp and newest-design prom dresses will be on stock and are hot tomato .

If you make advantage choice for your prom dress, if several changes happen such as : you will lose weight or be more fat . You do have the heart to make some alterations on your new stunning prom dress .

But ,not too early don’t means too late . Too early shopping is as bad as last minute shopping .

There are either lots of bad consequences . When you are in a hurry, you don't have enough time to compare and decide which one to buy, or you won't get the chance to choose because all the pretty ones have been out of stock.

You want that prom evening unforgettable just like a fairy tale , but money is realistic . Even though you control the timing , budget is also another element you can’t ignore .

If you go at best time ,not too early and not last minute ,at last hasn’t found a best dress . Oh it is a nightmare for you ,right ? But if you wear a very expensive dress looks stunning and glamour but it ends up burning a hole in your pocket ,then it is a worse nightmare especially for you owning empty pocket .

So remember right timing and right budget .
prom dress is a special occasion dress.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Henry Holland Stirrup Tights & Cullotes

After seeing these tights on various blogs, and after doing a blog post on them, I just had to get myself a pair. They are gorgeous. I even loved the packaging!
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Yay! Pretty packaged tights, probably the cutest tight packaging ever.
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I decided to team up the tights with some Black Cullotes from DESIRE CLOTHING which were a bargain at £18, an old vintage checkered shirt, some NEW LOOK necklaces, a primark lace top & studded boots from SO YOU SHOES. This outfit could be worn down, when teaming it with some Military Boots and cullotes or a plain skirt, or it could be made for going out if you swap the checkered shirt with a leather jacket for the rock chick look!
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Back view of the outfit. The tights are such a bargain at the measly price of £12, the are fabulous and fashionable and cheap for designer!
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Checkered Shirt - Vintage, Top - Primark, Cullotes - DESIRE CLOTHING, Tights TIGHTS PLEASE & Studded Ankle Boots - SO YOU SHOES.
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Checkered Shirt - Vintage, Top - Primark, Cullotes - DESIRE CLOTHING, Tights TIGHTS PLEASE & Studded Ankle Boots - SO YOU SHOES.
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Side View - Checkered Shirt - Vintage, Top - Primark, Cullotes - DESIRE CLOTHING, Tights TIGHTS PLEASE & Studded Ankle Boots - SO YOU SHOES.
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Close up on the tights - Cullotes - DESIRE CLOTHING, Tights TIGHTS PLEASE & Studded Ankle Boots - SO YOU SHOES.
I think these tights are so comfy and stylish and they really make you stand out from the crowd. What do you think of them? Will you be getting yourself a pair?
Another exam down today YAY! Hope you all have fab weekends, i'm going to watch sex and the city 2 are you going to go and see it?
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool Cameroon soccer jersey

While massive travel and altitude concerns could be a factor in the upcoming FIFA World Cup South Africa , they shouldn’t have as much of an effect on Cameroon. While they have fixtures in Bloemfontein, Pretoria, and Cape Town, respectively, the Indomitable Lions will have a home-field advantage of sorts in every match as they are representing African soccer to the rest of the world.

Cameroon team is always a great team worth lots of focus .While Cameroon soccer jersey is also attractive .

Cameroon jersey in the traditional green - yellow colours. The jersey is part of Puma's range of national team kits. It is an officially licensed product made according to the v1.08 design and performance properties.

The material of the shirt is 100% polyester to make sure the maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The Cameroon kit has been produced in Vietnam. The jersey comes with a 3D Lextra federation badge and a heat transfer image of a lion. The trademark of the Cameroun national team. Among the players who wear this national team kit when they represent their country one can mention: Eto, Geremi, and Song.

Just like the jersey of the photo, this Cameroon soccer jersey has three features:

1. Stylish jersey with embroidered Cameroon team badge over your heart .

2. advanced material engineered to reduce heat and moisture build-up, allowing increased comfort and performance ? To keep you feeling fresh no matter how long you play, train and cheer on your favorite soccer team!

3. All-natural breathable cotton for superior comfort wherever you show your support for your favorite national soccer team.

Anatomically-placed mesh throughout for cool comfort whether you're cheering or playing

No one don’t want to be slim

Every girl want to be slim and beautiful ,to get full marks in the evening , they will take the whole efforts to make themselves stunning ,shine and stylish against all odds . Well , to make them slim enough to fit the evening dress ,they will set up to lose weight ,and nothing can feat their determinations .

Ditching sweet candies ,chocolate and bread ,giving up sitting too long , bearing sit still when seeing delicious foods . At this time they performance very strong . Other impossible resolutions can get out of their room . It only cares is to get their evening dress in shape instead.

Girl it’s time to say goodbye to your baggy layers skirt as your evening dress .The correct way is to maximize your curves in a trendy shift dress. The best way to show off your shape is wearing an evening gown.

Choosing a fabric that skims, other than clings, and always wear it with heels- even they’re teeny ones.

However, you should choose the right style, the right color and size right. Anyway it will be for you. Well, we always dressed like a good girl. Stop playing it safe, and try different things .Evening dress have loots of designs ,such as fashion show , most girls wear the same or the similar evening dress ,this is not so stylish ,so change yourself ,and star a new evening .

An effort a gain ,you should wear more stylish ,and try more design of evening dress .

In favor of something more daring and risky drilling foundation ditch. Whether net skirt or a pair of wet-looking leggings, just a simple combination of evening dress to wear to keep your purchase.

Wish you great performance ,through a right decision of evening dress , your flatter body will shown up to public !

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Henry Holland!

My favourite designer Henry Holland is 26 today! What better way to celebrate than show you all his new gorgeous collection of tights for tight brand 'Pretty Polly'?!
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The house print tights have been seen on Fearne Cotton & Agyness Deyn and why do you get yourself a pair? just £10 from TIGHTS PLEASE They are the new must-have accessory for this season and they are such a good alternative to plain opaque tights, what's not to like?!
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These are the other two pairs to the collection, I really like these and especially the pair on the left as they are seen on Henry Holland latest catwalk collection in lots of beautiful bright colours.
So what do you think of the new fashion of Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Tights? will YOU be getting yourself a pair? I know I am!
Get yourself a pair of Henry Holland tights available at TIGHTSPLEASE
(and a big THANKYOU to all of you lovely bloggers to comment on my last two posts, lots of love for you!) I shall reply when I have time to, revision is taking over my free time right now!
and if any of you have exams like me, GOOD LUCK!!
check it out here: meets Becca from Fashion-Train
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cheongsam will be worn on you when you get married ?

Traditionally Chinese didn’t describe white as a lucky color on you wedding , however red is the best .To make all the people surprised ,there are more western brides wear cheongsam and more Chinese brides get dressed with white wedding dress in marriage other than Chinese dress ! Why this phenomenon happens ?

Three reasons will be taken into consideration . Firstly ,with more and more frequent communications between China and western countries ! Chinese customs and tradition including cheongsam and China classic wedding dress will be given policy to the world widely . In the old times ,China red is believed as a classic lucky and all the time ,white is thought of unlucky ! With time goes by ,more and more Chinese people realize white wedding dress is described as purity ,holy, faithful !

Secondly , many young person likes attempt , in their opinion ,wedding is the most important moments worth memorized ! They accept the ideal wedding dress for their holy wedding , even they are eager to try it on !

Thirdly a plenty of western brides appreciate Chinese cloth ,especially cheongsam, which can display all women's modesty, softness and beauty. Like Chinese women's temperament, the Qipao / Cheongsam is elegant and gentle, its long-standing elegance and serenity makes wearers fascinating .

Cultures of all the countries become integrated all over the world , I prefer to see the ending of the emergence of Chinese dress and western white dress !

Do you have ever thought of wearing or classic red style cheongsam o your wedding other than wedding gowns?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Alexander Wang for Uniqlo.

This collection is absolutely beautiful, don't you think?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Alexander Wang, once again. I love you even more by every amazing collection you do.
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Cheongsam also suitable for kids

The Cheongsam- Qi Pao is a distinct Chinese dress style that features a high collar that is clasped at the throat, a variety of sleeves, a skirt or blouse that has slits. The collar can be closed with pretty Chinese frog buttons .

In old historical China, during the Qing Dynasty, Manchu women wore Qi pao that are long and covered a girl totally, revealing only the head, hands and tips of the feet. By 1900, after the end of the Qing Dynasty, the tailored, form-fitting Qi pao was worn and popularized by socialites and high-class courtesans.

These Chinese buttons may symbolize an animal or flower. The fabric of Cheongsam may vary, but it is prettiest when made in brocaded silk. Little girls can romp around comfortably in silk or cotton Cheongsams. The Cheung Sam – Qi Pao can be can be sleeveless, or have short or long sleeves..

You know cheongsam is not only suitable for ladies but also for little kids . And little ones wearing cheongsam demonstrate stunning and attractive .
Sleeveless Cheongsams let kids move freely, but short sleeved ones are also comfortable. Little girls can choose whether they want to wear a one-piece dress Cheongsam, or a dress pants set.

Pants can be worn under the Cheongsam to add to your child’s freedom of movement. Pants with elastic band at the waist makes dressing also a lot easier. It all depends on them .

As fashion expanded, so did the designs for the Cheongsam – Qi Pao. Today, the Cheongsam may come in a variety of modern designs, but is still as flattering as ever .

Such as some sexy cheongsam with high low cut slit and low cut placed in neck also features more stunning and gorgeous ,too .

Plus size special occasion dress

Most girl feel so bad with their Plus size body , they are scared of wearing special occasion dress even work wear . Because several styles are limited and become the bump against their beauty way .

There is an extension of the growth rate for large industries create more stylish and comfortable Plus size dress for special occasion. Even exclusively Plus size clothing for women and their needs, and even some clothing stores are available.

Girls could feel out of place than the size of a proud Boutique 10 has been designed to meet the needs of the ideal restaurant to find nice special occasion dress.

Plus size women to choose to provide that sense of place and out of the comfort of their body size does not come without a big disappointment to find clothes.

If you are a owner of dress store especially selling Plus size occasion dress ,then you can invite some Plus size girls to provide the sense of place the comfort dress fit their body size . Moreover Plus size women also understand the needs of their style is great for what you can offer advice to employees can take advantage of. Plus-size women that they provide the first level of service than the shop come to realize, and even enjoyable experience for everyone involved, choose a more casual clothing.

If possible you can find a private designer to design your own Plus size dress for the special occasion .

Designers typically attractive women in their closets Plus size designer to recognize the need for stylish and attractive while trying to achieve, as well as their practicality for women.

Most useful 8 tips about wedding detains

Okay ,wedding is coming ,and your wedding dress is finally done after a long time searching . Then ,on your biggest wedding day ,lots of other small detains worth your noticing .

Some experts alert that Little Things That Make a Big Difference , if you want your wedding day more perfect then follow the tips below .

1. You should walk around to the tables at the reception and try to say hello to the guests. When everyone is seated, it's important to take a bite of food and then greet your guests . If it the important for you even not having a receiving line because of finance . Because it is exhausting and wipes out a lot of couples, and standing in one place for an hour ruins your feet for the rest of the night."
2. Don't forget that you need to eat during the day, and feed your wedding party if they are hanging with you. Also, if the makeup artist and hair dresser are with you all day, it is nice to offer them lunch too. Nothing is worse than a cranky wedding party.
4. It's always nice to write your groom a note before you walk down the aisle. Have one of your friends deliver it during the day.
5. Try not to be separated from your new spouse during the evening. Nothing is worse than when a speech starts and either the bride or the groom is nowhere to be found.
6. Do not forget to thank your parents sometime during the reception.
If you know it is someone's birthday or special anniversary on the day of your wedding, it will make a big impact if you acknowledge that.
7. If one of your parents has a favorite song, it is nice to dedicate that song to your mother or father during the evening.
8. My favorite party favor is a donation in the guests' names to your favorite charity. It is a gift that keeps on gi

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Perfect Floral Summer Dress.

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I'm not really a fan of frills normally. I think of them as unflattering, or really over the top. But I came across this floral dress on DESIRE CLOTHING which is in the style of 'TAYLOR SWIFT' just check it out for yourself here: DESIRE CLOTHING
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Front and Back views of the dress. I teamed this dress with spotty Pamela Mann tights from STOCKINGS DIRECT and necklaces from New Look and SOPHISTIX and who could forget the gorgeous studded ankle boots from SO YOU SHOES, who also have an EXCLUSIVE FASHION-TRAIN DISCOUNT, ALL YOU DO IS ENTER 'FASHIONTRAIN' AT THE CHECK OUT AND GET 10% OFF!
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Close up on the gorgeous necklaces! You can also see the floral pattern of the dress close up!
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Close up on the stunning frills!
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I suppose with this dress, you can wear it with tights and some pretty jewellery and some heels for the perfect and fashionable 'night' look. But for casual daywear, just wear a pair of gorgeous gladiator sandals and tie your hair up in a bun and perfect for the summer 'beach-wear' look.
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This is one of those dresses which are perfect for all seasons of the year and it can be dressed for pretty much any occasion!
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What's going to be your favourite item of clothing to wear this summer?
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Friday, May 21, 2010

How to accessorize flower girl dress

You have to recognition that flower girl play a special part in wedding . Traditional holds strong to the belief that a little girl carrying a basket fulfilled with flowers will bring you good luck to the marriage !

Flower girls are the cutest marriage entourage ,and they definitely deserve wearing elegant and stunning gowns on the wedding day .

Flower girls play a major role in the wedding moments , they usher the bride’s entrance through the dropping of petals .And I’m sure that you will desire to see these lovely girls walking down the aisle with angle smile and lucky smell .So brides should take their effort to provide best ideals to beautify these angles !

Nothing is more adorable on flower girls than a pick-up dress – especially when the bride is in a similar style. This dress style is as functional as it is beautiful

Because the pick-up skirt keeps the length from becoming a trip hazard while adding body to the skirt. A white bodice displaying metallic embroidery and spaghetti straps will catch everyone’s eye as she travels down the aisle, sprinkling her petals.

If you don’t mind I will introduce some tips about how to accessorize your flower girl dress and make sure she feels comfortable with it at the same time .
1: Jewerly ,less jewelry is ok for too young girl .Just need to wear simple bracelet and necklace . If the girl has already pierced ears ,small and intuitive earrings then can be worn to look nicer .
2:shoes Shoes should be either flat-heeled or have a very short heel for easy walking, remember to ensure its comfort. Consider the flower girl’s size and growth rate as well.

Leggings, Jeggings, now SKEGGINGS!

I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later, Leggings then the Jean+legging together known as JEGGINGS.
And the newest fashion invention SKEGGINGS!
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I think they are such a great idea as we always wear a top,skirt & leggings anyways for casual wear so why not save time and money and have 2 in one? I think the 'skegging' are going to become such a fabulous trend and will be here for a while!
They are made by legendary tight designer Jonathan Aston and are availabe at TIGHTSPLEASE click HERE to get your pair, their are limited stock available they are so popular!
What do you think about the skeggings? good idea? bad idea? are you going to get yourself a pair?
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Floral Harem Pants!

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Top - Topshop, Necklace - New Look, Floral Harem Pants - MISSGUIDED & Studded ankle boots - Soyoushoes
What's your view on the latest summer trend of 'Harem Pants'?
Personally I looked back at them a few weeks ago and thought are they nice, are they not? Are they too manly for a woman to wear? As I personally, think of them as 'Aladdin Pants'. The Pair i'm wearing in the photos are from MISSGUIDED A fabulous online fashion store with all things fabulous and fashionable for the younger generation!
At first when I openend them from this beautifully packaged box (look how pretty the harem pants have been wrapped up)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(sorry for the pen and paper in the background, i was revising!)
I was not too keen on them when I first looked at them, But they've grown on me. As one of this summer's biggest trends (and everyone else wearing plain black or grey ones) I suppose you have to be different and be yourself and try something new, so why not floral ey?!
and for the unbeatable price of £15 go and get yourself a pair now and be bang on trend this summer!
So go and check out MISSGUIDED now, for other fashionable items this summer at unbeatable prices!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

How to choose a fitted wedding dress

Wedding is a most important occasion almost everyone will go through . So every bride strives to look the most beautiful all over the world on that wedding day . Elaborate make-up and delicacy hairstyle , flattering wedding dress , sunny smiles , all these factors are involved in a perfect wedding . All moments will be memorized and photographed

And ,for decades to come. both you and your family will be looking at your wedding pictures. All of them will remember your absolute best performance . To approach this , firstly you should choose a wedding dress . Though other wedding accessories and groom wear play a important role , wedding dress is still a major character ,right ?

Not all beautiful wedding dresses are suitable for all weddings , choose a suited one other than a beautiful dress .
Firstly you should make it clear what type of your wedding . Then you can decide your wedding dress type .Your wedding can take place several places .Formal & informal wedding ? Indoor & outdoor wedding ? Beach & destiny wedding ?

Of cause your wedding could also be a grand occasion in a massive cathedral, a sophisticated evening event with a civil ceremony, a simple church wedding, or a beach wedding in the tropics.
You can be informed by these tips but by no means limit it. Though so many wedding types exist , still many wedding dresses are supplied for purchasing .
So ease your mind I’m sure your wedding will be the most unique and special worth your remembering in all your life .