Friday, August 6, 2010

How to underline your slender figure?

If you have a slender figure, then congratulations! You are a natural “coat hanger”, and wedding gowns dresses in all types are suitable for you. However, every girl on her own wedding wants to make the most perfect impression on everyone. Suitable is not enough! So, how to underline your slender figure? How to make you look different with other brides? Here are some tips for you:

A wedding dress with a narrow flare is the best choice. As you know, trumpet/mermaid has a natural tight upper part and expands naturally from the hips. Such a wedding dress with a slim cut can fully show your stunning curves.
If it goes with a small bridal hat and short veil, which covers about half of the face, then you will make a reserved stable impression on others.
2. Simple slim style is also very becoming to you. It can not only make you look graceful, but also show your stunning figure.
3. Ornaments on the wedding dress should be exquisite and simple. Do not be too exaggerated. Otherwise, they will ruin the total feel.
4. Sweetheart wedding dresses can underline your tall slim figure better than other styles do.
5. As shown in the above picture, the upper part looks like a jacket. Halter wedding dress is simple and elegant. If it goes with a pair of long gloves, then you will show your slender arms fully.
With the above tips, I am sure that you know how to choose your wedding dress now.
It’s not everybody who can have a slender figure as you. Why not cherish it and show your stunning figure fully?
With a dress like what I have mentioned, you will out stand and eyecatching in your wedding. Just like a model in her T-stage!

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