Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheap Holiday Destinations

If you could pack your bags and leave right now, which top 3 places would be your dream cheap holidays destination?

Paris, France
Paris would obviously be my number one choice, it's the city of all things fashionable. It's not expensive to get to (silly new york!) and sounds to me like a really good vacation from what i've heard. You see all the street style photos from Paris Fashion Week and think WOW the french have style. I've never been and stayed in Paris myself and i'm yet to take a trip up the eiffel tower, I would love to experience the good french fashion (compared to the country-side fashion I see when I go to france every year)
and the really interesting landmarks in france. I'd love to sit outside at a cafe and watch the people walking buy, see a show at the theatre or just go out for a meal to experience what the parisian night life is like, to see a different side of france which I am yet to explore!
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Milan, Italy
Another Fashion Week destination which is close to England is Italy! (Yes it's another place cheap and easy to get to) I would love to walk down the streets of Milan with Channel and Gucci and other designers shops all in a row! I would love to see what the Italian street style fashion is like in this city aswell, also to experience the beaches, landmarks and general life of Madrid by going shopping and eating out! I would love to go here on holiday for a week or two.
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Madrid, Spain
My third choice would be spain, frankly because i've only been once, which I can't remember as I was very young. I would love to go again and see what it's like. Stay in a villa with a swimming pool with a really gorgeous view, to be near to the beach and near lots of shops! Also, i'd really like to see all the landmarks and everything there is to see in Madrid!
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Where would you go? What are your top three cheap holiday destinations? Anywhere fashionable like mine?
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