Tuesday, August 17, 2010

how do I choose my wedding dress for plump

I have a plump figure, but my abdomen is not so smooth. And I always give an impression on others that I am gentle and lovely. Like other plump girls, I want to look slender, so that I can make the most perfect impression on everyone at my wedding party. How do I choose my wedding dress?

Well, if you are plump, don’t worry too much about it. As it always symbolizes blessing, many people are envious of you. However, if you want to look slender and charming on your wedding, you can do as follows:

1. Choose a wedding dress with a simple straight cut, which will make you look slender and graceful.

2. You should try to avoid complicated design for the waist and flare. Too many decorations would make your body look more inflated, thus you will look very bulky. For you, simple is beautiful.

3. You can also choose a fluffy flare of princess style for your wedding dress. However, the flare should not be too wide. Do not choose a flare made of yarn fabric. Satin fabric is a good choice. Do not try a cake-skirt like flare. Otherwise, it will make your lower part look more inflated. A line wedding dress is the best choice.

4. Avoid high neck style. A high neck wedding dress would compress your height visually. Instead, you should choose a low neck wedding dress. V neck is the best choice, which can make you look taller.

5. If you want use lace or flowers as decoration, you can choose thin schiffli lace as the fabric. Avoid thick decoration.

With the above tips, I am sure that you know how to choose your wedding dress now.

If you wear your wedding dress as what I have told you, you will look slender and charming in your wedding.

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