Tuesday, December 23, 2008

elle elle elle

elle magazine, is an amazing magazine, completly dedicated to fashion, i used to read vogue an awful lot, but now with my elle magazine subscription, i am completly converted. the magazine concludes of latest trends, catwalk images, editorials, and various style advice, and trends to look out for in the following months. i would recommend elle to all you vogue readers who need to be converted. years ago vogue was amazing, now its full of at least 100 pages of adverts, and only editorials which make it worth buying. but at 30 pence cheaper, elle is clearly the worlds best and biggest selling fashion magazine!

olsen twins, real style icons.

olsen twins real style icons?!

i think over the years the olsen twins have become real style icons, there hair especially, and constant trend setting style, whatever they wear now becomes a trend.

here are a variety or images, just to proove, how amazing there style really is.